Cutting the carbon footprint of your central heating

31 March 2020 | OVO Energy

Everyone loves the comfort of a warm home when it’s cold outside. Switching the heating on and turning up the thermostat are things many of us do without thinking. 

But did you know that your central heating has a huge impact on your carbon footprint? 

Our central heating makes up over 15%1 of carbon emissions in the UK 

It’s easy to forget about how we heat our homes. It’s different from other things we do think about changing for the better, whether that’s driving an electric car or cutting down on the meat in our diets.

But we shouldn’t forget it. Because the way we heat our homes is the single largest source of carbon in the UK. And now we know, we can start fixing it! 

Did you know: houses used to be a lot cooler… 

In our guide to average room temperatures in the UK, we looked at how heating habits have changed over the decades. In 1970, the average temperature of a home during wintertime was 12°C. Today, it’s 18°C –  that’s a whopping increase.

If we want to reach net zero carbon, we need to start thinking about ways we can change this. So, we’ve made it our mission to find solutions... 

First things first, read our top ten tips on staying snug

Get in the know-how.

What else can I do?

Get a smart thermostat to do the hard work for you: 

Upgrade your old thermostat to a smart one. We’re huge fans of Tado! With Tado, you’ll get a new level of comfort and control, while saving energy and cutting bills at the same time (no effort required). You’ll also get clever notifications sent to your phone that give you a nudge to turn off the heating, when Tado notices a chance to save energy.

Read our practical guide on smart thermostats and how they can help you control your heating from everywhere and reduce your energy bills. 

Make sure your home’s insulated properly:

Insulate your house and you’ll keep all that lovely heat in, by minimising the places it can escape. Look into insulating your walls, roof and windows – these are all big culprits when it comes to heat loss. Once that’s done, you’ll feel cosier in the cold. 

Bleed those radiators:

When there’s trapped air in your radiators, they won’t be working as efficiently as they could be. If you feel cold spots on them when the heating’s on (especially at the top), this is a sign that they need bleeding. The trapped air will be released and, instantly, you’ll be much toastier. 

Switch to carbon-neutral energy:

To really reduce your carbon footprint, try OVO Beyond. You can add it to any OVO plan. It helps you cut the carbon from your home energy and save money by cutting your bills, too. All thanks to carbon-neutral energy and personalised suggestions that help you waste less energy. Simple change, big impact.  

Here are some easy and practical ways to reduce your carbon footprint and if you are not sure about the difference is between ‘eco-friendly’, ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’? Read our guide to these environmentally friendly terms.

1 UK Housing: Fit for the future?

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