The future of homes is looking pretty smart

16 November 2018 | OVO Energy

Is your home smart if your TV is connected to the Internet? A tricky question, for which most people have a different answer. The smart home market is growing well, according to market research conducted by OnePoll for the Smart Home Forum* in celebration of Smart Home Week which took place from 21st to 27th May 2018.

43% of UK homeowners own a smart home product

The survey shows that 75% of British people have already heard of a smart home, and that the number of people that actually own a smart device has rocketed up to 43%, compared to only 27% in 2017.
People appreciate the benefits that smart technology can bring, such as energy savings and comfort through smart thermostats, reassurance about security thanks to smart cameras, or convenience by simply using voice to control devices.

This is not surprising considering that, according to the Energy Saving Trust, 62% of annual household bills were for heating and hot water alone.

How will the smart home market look in 10 years?

The number of new smart products in homes continues to grow, as does the range of technology available to support in every room of the house. New features and the general rise in awareness has led to almost 1 out of 10 new devices being smart, and that’s helped technology to move into all areas of the home.

As this study has shown, there’s an appetite for smart home products with almost half of survey respondents seeing the majority of UK homes becoming smart within the next ten years. Smartphones, voice assistants and fingerprint recognition are highlighted as three primary technologies that’ll be used to control smart devices at home.

Did you know?

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Source: This article was written by tado°.

*An independent market research survey of 2000 adults completed by OnePoll on behalf of Smart Home Week. The study covered knowledge and attitudes towards the smart home and its future.

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