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Green gas and RGGOs explained

By OVO Energy Wednesday 18 September 2019

What’s green gas, you ask?

Green gas comes from a mix of sources like food waste or farm waste. These sources are broken down through a clever process called anaerobic digestion to produce green gas (also known as biomethane) which can then be added into the national gas network. And the cool thing about green gas? It’s cleaner and less harmful to our planet than natural gas.


What’s the difference between green gas and natural gas?

It’s the way they’re made. Natural gas comes from material that decomposed naturally millions of years ago, while green gas comes from material that’s been produced and decomposed more recently. 

Green gas can renew itself quickly, over and over again, and unlike natural gas, it’ll never run out, ever. Plus, it’s almost carbon neutral. 

Where does OVO get its carbon neutral gas from?

We provide 100% carbon neutral gas for all OVO members who choose our OVO BeyondBETA or Green Gas upgrades. That’s made up of 15% green gas and we offset the remaining emissions. 

Green gas is a fairly new market, so while it’s growing fast, there isn’t yet enough of it around for us to be able to offer 100% green gas at an affordable price. But we’ve made sure that our green gas mix is still one of the highest in the industry. 

We balance out the emissions from the production and consumption of the remaining gas used by  supporting carbon reduction projects – like the Katingan project in Indonesia, which invests in peatland restoration and protection. 

We only support UN-led REDD+ carbon offset projects that are certified to the Verified Carbon Standard to help ensure that the highest environmental and social standards are met.


How does green gas get to my house?

Gas, wherever it came from, is pooled in the national gas network, so we can’t guarantee that the gas you’re using in your home is green – no supplier can.

So like most energy suppliers, we buy Renewable Gas Guarantee of Origin (RGGO) certificates, which are handed out by the Green Gas Certification Scheme (GGCS) for each unit of green gas that goes into the grid. So you can be sure that the grid is being topped up with just as much green gas as you’re paying for. Go here to find out more.