Electric heating

Off-peak times

We’ll soon be ending our support for some of our meters.

If you have a meter that’s affected, we’ll be in touch to arrange a meter and tariff upgrade to keep your heating and hot water working.

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What are Off-peak tariffs?

Some tariffs require two meters; one will be wired up to your usual electrical appliances and sockets, the other will be for your heating and hot water. This means you need to make sure your storage heaters and hot water system are wired up to your off-peak meter. Off-Peak E, Off-Peak F and Off-Peak Fx work in this way. If you're on one of these tariffs, we can help make sure you're using it as efficiently as possible. These tariffs are no longer available to sign up to, so if you decide to leave it then you won't be able to go back on it.

When are the cheaper, off-peak times?

Off-Peak E

With Off-Peak E, you get 8 hours at the cheapest rate for stored heat each day. The exact times vary, but the off-peak period will begin between 10pm and 12am, and last for 8 hours.

Off-Peak F

Off-Peak F offers you 10.5 hours of cheaper-rate electricity for stored heat each day. Your off-peak times are between 1.30pm and 4pm, and overnight between 11pm and 7am.

Off-Peak Fx

You get 10.5 hours at the cheapest rate for stored heat on Off-Peak Fx. Those hours are between 4am and 2.30pm.

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