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Total Heating with Total Control and other two meter tariffs

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Total Heating with Total Control

If your home is all-electric and you live in the north of Scotland, you could be on Total Heating with Total Control (THTC). It works best with electric storage heaters rather than gas, oil or wet electric heating.

With THTC you get two meters. One is for off-peak energy you use and the other records all your normal usage like lights, kitchen appliances and sockets. Just so you know, energy used on the normal meter costs more than our standard rate.

What are the times for THTC?

The specific times for the off-peak rate depends on the weather forecast for your area, but you'll get between 5 and 12 hours each day. THTC works by storing up heat in your storage heaters and hot water tank during the off-peak times.

Other electric heaters and heated appliances can also be used on the cheaper rate. The off-peak rate is available 24 hours a day for panel heaters, focal point fires, bathroom heaters, towel rails, the hot water boost and even electric showers. You'll need to get an electrician to make sure all those appliances are connected to your cheaper-rate meter if you're not sure.

Standard Economy & Heating Load

Standard Economy & Heating Load is another of our tariffs with two meters. It's exclusive to our customers in the Shetland Islands.

One meter records usage such as lights, kitchen appliances and sockets through the day and overnight. The other one records all the energy used for your stored heat. This tariff is designed to work with electric storage heaters and like the others, it's not usually suitable for homes heated with wet electric heating, oil or gas.

You'll make the biggest savings if your hot water is heated electrically and you have storage heating. Your water heater will usually have a timer so that it comes on overnight, while your storage heaters should be wired to the off-peak rate.

The off-peak cheaper rate covers all your electricity usage, not just your heating and hot water. It's worth using more energy during the cheaper times as energy used during the day costs more than our standard rate.

What are the cheaper times for Standard Economy & Heating Load?

You get 8 hours of cheaper, off-peak electricity overnight for all domestic appliances as well as 8 hours on the cheaper-rate for your stored heat. These hours are 11.30pm - 7.30am in winter (GMT) and 12.30am - 8.30am in summer (BST).

Storage Heating Control

Storage Heating Control is most suitable for homes with storage heating. If you have oil, gas, wet electric heating or direct acting heating like panel heaters, this tariff isn't the best one for you.

Storage Heating Control also has two meters. One meter records all your off-peak usage for stored heat and sometimes hot water. The other is for your usual usage such as lights, kitchen appliances and sockets. Just be aware that energy used on the Standard meter costs more than our standard rate.

To benefit from the off-peak price, you will need to make sure your storage heating and hot water are connected to the off-peak meter. An electrician can check this for you.

When are the cheaper times for Storage Heating Control?

The tariff offers 8 hours of cheaper, off-peak electricity for stored heat and sometimes hot water, split across two periods each day.

Outside of off-peak times, any appliances connected to the off-peak meter will not operate, so Storage Heating Control is not suitable for direct acting heating, such as panel heaters or wet electric systems.

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