Electric heating

Radio Teleswitching Service

We have a range of meters controlled by a radio signal, known as the Radio Teleswitch Service (RTS). It switches between peak and off-peak times and controls hot water and heating.

This signal will be turned off soon. When this happens, the affected meters will no longer work correctly.

Our support for these meters will end soon. If you have one, we'll be in touch to arrange a meter and tariff upgrade to keep your heating and hot water working. You can also contact us to arrange an upgrade.

Which meters are affected?

If you have one of the following meters, we’ll be in touch to arrange a meter and tariff upgrade:

  • Atlantic – Comfort Plus

  • Atlantic – Economy 10 (Eastern)

  • Atlantic – Economy 9 (London)

  • Atlantic – Heatwise

  • Atlantic - Supertariff

  • Atlantic – Warmwise

  • Economy & heating load

  • Evening and Weekend

  • Flexiheat

  • Off peak A, B, Bx, E, F,Fx

  • RHT A, B

  • Storage heat control (SHC)

  • Superdeal

  • Total Heat Total Control (THTC)

  • White meter

  • Winter Warmth

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