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Using your Smart Energy In Home Display GEO

Learn more about how to use your Smart Energy In Home Display Geo.

Getting to know your IHD GEO


  • Colour Display — Displays all on-screen information.

  • Home Button — To the left of the bottom bar, used to return to the home page from menus, or to access the settings menu from the home page.

  • O Button — Centre of the bottom bar, used to confirm on-screen selections.

  • Directional Arrows — Used to navigate through the different menus and pages.

  • Usage Light (LED) — Under the O Button, displays colour coded information about your energy usage and targets.


  • Battery Cover / Stand — Used to gain access to the battery compartment.

  • Charging Point — To the left of the battery, used to connect the power cable for mains charging.

A guide to the PAYGO IHD GEO icons

Credit icons


Friendly Credit Period — Only shows when you have run out of credit and are using the friendly credit available.

Low credit icon

Low Credit — This icon indicates you are running low on credit.

Credit exhausted icon

Credit Exhausted — Only shown when you have completely run out of credit.

Emergency credit icons

Emergency credit available icon

Emergency Credit Available — This shows when you can activate emergency credit.

Emergency credit selected

Emergency Credit Selected — Displays when you have enabled emergency credit but have not yet begun to use it.

Emergency credit in use

Emergency Credit In Use -This icon shows when you begin to use the emergency credit.

Supply and price icons

Supply cut off icon

Pending Cut-Off / Supply Off — Only displays when you have completely ran out of all credit and emergency credit. Your supply will need to be re-enabled.

New price higher icon

New Price/ Tier (higher) — Indicates a new higher price tier will come into effect.

New price lower icon

New Price/ Tier (lower) — Indicates a new lower price tier will come into effect.

What the LED colours on your IHD mean

The different colour Usage Light LED’s indicate whether you are keeping to your Usage Targets. The colour LEDʼs only refer to electric usage and not total usage. If the meter is for Gas Only, the LED's shall be coloured for low, medium and high levels of gas usage.

Green LED – Green indicates you are under your target usage.

Amber LED – Amber indicates you are on course to meet your target usage.

Red LED – Red indicates you are exceeding your usage targets.

Blue LED — The Blue LED corresponds to Gas only usage.

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