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Managing multiple accounts

If you want OVO to supply your energy at more than one address, just browse our plans and sign up online. You can use the same email address for each account you hold with us – or sign up using different email addresses.

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Accessing your accounts

Make sure you use the same email if you want to manage different addresses from one account. If you used different emails to sign up to multiple accounts, you’ll need to log in to those accounts separately using the correct email addresses.

If you already have more than one energy account with us, first log in using your email and password combination. Then, on the Home screen go to the Account tab at the top to access a drop-down list of your accounts. Simply choose the one you want to look at.

Still can't see all your accounts?

Don’t worry, it’s not you – it’s us! We’re currently in the middle of an exciting transition to a new online system, so some of your accounts may be held on our previous system. If you can’t see an account listed in the drop-down under the Account tab (even if you signed up using the same email address), please open a new browser and log in using your OVO ID (not your email address) and password combination.

Can’t find your OVO ID?

You’ll find it at the top of any letters or emails we’ve sent you. It’s different from your account number.

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