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Using your OVO online account

Discover all about My OVO and how to use your account.

What's online account management?

Online account management means using My OVO to look after your account.

You can use My OVO whenever you like – 24/7 – to manage your account online. You can:

  • See how your switch is progressing if you’ve just joined us.
  • Give your meter readings.
  • Set up reminders to give meter readings.
  • View statements.
  • See how much energy you’re using.
  • Manage your Direct Debit, if you pay that way.
  • Change your My OVO login details.
  • Change or update your email address and contact details.
  • Renew your plan with us.
  • Change your contact preferences.
  • Tell us you’re moving home.
  • See what other products we’re offering
  • Apply for a refund.
  • See your rates.
  • Refer a friend.
  • And more!

If you’re on a fixed rate All Online plan, you’re eligible to receive the Self Service Reward of up to £60 per year. To earn the reward you need to manage your account online and follow our simple guidelines. Read more.


Why is online management so good?

There are a few very good reasons:

  • It’s often quicker than calling, and always quicker than emailing.
  • You can do it at a time that suits you.
  • If you’re on a fixed rate, All Online plan, you could receive our Self Service Reward of up to £60 per year.
How do I sign into My OVO?

It’s super easy – you just need your My OVO ID or email address. If you have (or have had) multiple accounts with us, it’s best to always use your My OVO ID rather than your email address.

You’ll find your My OVO ID on your welcome letter or email, or at the top of any of your statements. If you’ve logged in before and already know your password, you’ll only need to do ‘step 1’.

Step 1: Get to your My OVO energy account

To log in directly, visit
You can also log in from the OVO homepage – take a look in the top right corner for the button that says ‘My OVO’.

Step 2: Set up a password

Look underneath the big 'Log in' button. Find the link that says ‘First time logging in?’, and click it.

Step 3: Give your email address

Type in your email address and click ‘Submit’. If you’ve got more than one OVO account, we might ask for your My OVO ID too.

Step 4: Check your email

We’ll send you an email with a link to set your password – open it, create your password, and you’re in.

The email is from '[email protected]' – and the subject line will be 'My OVO password change request'.

It’s important that you set your password within 30 minutes, as the link will expire.

If you don’t get an email straight away, it’s worth checking your ‘spam’ folder. If you’re a Gmail user, it may also be filtered into your ‘promotions’ folder.

Step 5: Sign in whenever you like

That’s it. You’ve got access to your My OVO energy account. It’s easy to use wherever you are, on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Once you’re in, you can use My OVO to submit your meter readings and check the details of your OVO account.

How do I change my email address in My OVO?
  1. Sign into My OVO.
  2. Click ‘My Profile’.
  3. Under the ‘About me’ section, click the little green pen icon next to your email address.
  4. Type in your new email address twice and click ‘Save’.
How do I change my password in My OVO?
  1. Go to My OVO.
  2. Click ‘Reset my password?’.
  3. Type in your email address and click ‘Submit’. If you’ve got more than one OVO account, we might ask for your My OVO ID too.
  4. Next we’ll send you an email with a link to set your password – open it, create your password, and you’re in. You must do it within 30 minutes as the link will expire.
How do I change my address in My OVO?

Unfortunately, you can’t change the address that your electricity and/or gas supply is linked to. But if you need your statements and other letters sent to a different address, you’ll need to call or email us.
If your address is changing because you’re moving home, this is what you need to do:

  1. Log into My OVO.
  2. Click ‘Moving Home?’ on the left hand side.
  3. Follow the steps to let us know your plans.
How do I give meter readings in My OVO?

If you’re not sure what to do, first discover how to read your meter. Then tap your meter reading into My OVO:

  1. Log into My OVO.
  2. Click ‘My Meter Readings’ icon in the middle.
  3. Enter your 5 digit reading (for electricity) and/or 4 or 5 digit reading (for gas) into the boxes, excluding numbers after decimal point, and press ‘Submit’. If you’ve got a smart meter that isn’t connecting, you’ll need to follow steps 1-4 to submit your readings.
  4. You’ll then be able to see a record of all the readings you’ve given.


How do I claim a refund in My OVO?

You can only ask for a refund if you have at least one month’s Direct Debit in your account and you must have provided a recent meter reading (you might need to also wait for your next statement). And the minimum amount we can refund is £25 (find out more about getting a refund).

If you’re due a refund, all you need to do is:

  1. Sign into My OVO.
  2. Click on the ‘My Payments’ icon.
  3. Click ‘Apply for a refund’ under ‘My Balance’. Once you’ve done that, it’ll tell you the highest amount you’re allowed if you’re eligible for a refund (you must have given meter readings and had a statement after the readings in the last 30 days).
  4. Keep the highest amount or change it to something between £25 and the highest amount, and click ‘Get refund’.
How do I view my bills and annual statements?

You can view all your monthly or quarterly statements in My OVO like this:

  1. Log into My OVO.
  2. Click the ‘My Last Statement’ icon in the middle of the page. This will allow you to download all your monthly or quarterly statements.

However, if you want a copy of your annual statement, you can’t get it in My OVO. If you get your statements by email, just search your inbox. If you can’t find it or you get your statements by post, please email [email protected] to ask for a copy.

How do I refer a friend in My OVO?

Refer your friends to OVO and we'll treat you both to a choice of £25 vouchers when they join. It's our way of saying thank you for spreading the word.

You can refer friends in My OVO like this:

  1. Log into My OVO.
  2. Click ‘Refer a Friend’ on the left hand side.
  3. Choose one or all four ways to tell your friends, and start referring!
How do I find my account details?

A few days after you’ve signed up, we’ll send you all your account details, including your account number. However, if your welcome letter goes missing or you can't find them, here’s what to do...

How do I find my 'My OVO' ID?

You can log into My OVO, our online portal, using your My OVO ID (a string of 9 numbers starting with 1000) and password. You can also use your email address or OVO ID and password.

Your My OVO ID will be at the top of any of your statements, letters or emails.

How do I find my account number?

This string of 7 numbers allows us to identify you and your home.

  • Find your account number on our statements, letters and emails

OVO Energy statement bill example

Dig out any of our statements, letters or emails and you’ll find your account number at the top of every one.

  • Find your account number in My OVO


Log in to My OVO using your email address or username and password. Once you’re in, look for ‘My Profile’ – your account number will be under ‘My Plan’.

How do I find my MPAN and MPRN?

An MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) is the number that identifies your electricity supply. A MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number) is the equivalent for your gas supply.

We always put your MPAN and MPRN in your welcome letter, so try there first.

  • Find your MPAN and MPRN in My OVO

If you can’t find it that way, log into My OVO using your My OVO ID or account number – and your password. Once you’re in, click the box called ‘My Profile’ and your MPAN and MPRN will be in there.


Can I add someone to my account?

It’s possible to add up to other people to your OVO account. This means you can add your husband or wife, your partner, or if you need extra help, your carer or other people who help you live independently.

There are two different ways to add people to your account

  • As a name – this is someone who can contact us and make decisions, but has no financial liability.
  • Equal responsibility – this is someone who can contact us and make decisions, and has equal financial liability for any debts.
As a name

Adding someone to your account as just a name, with no financial responsibility, is easy. Just call or email us to provide their details, including their date of birth. If you call, their name can be added instantly. If you email, it usually takes less than 3 working days.

They should be able to:

They shouldn’t be able to:

  • Change your payment details
  • Request a refund
With equal responsibility

This is more complex, as the person will assume equal responsibility for any debts you may build up. We can’t arrange this by email – whoever you’d like to share your account with will need to talk to us.

You’ll both need to be on the call, unless you’ve already added the person as a name previously. Our friendly team will then talk you both through the process, and get everything set up for you.

If you give someone equal responsibility, they’ll be able to do everything you can.

Who can you add to your account?

Anyone who is a UK resident over 18 years of age. If you want to share responsibility, you and the person who you'd like to share with will need to call us. It's worth knowing that they don't need to live at your address.

Contacting us to add a person

Our Bristol-based customer contact centre is open Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm, and on Saturdays between 9am and 5pm.

Just call 0330 303 5063 or our landline number 01179 303 100.

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