Energy advice

Had your energy taken over by OVO?

Here’s how we can help if your supplier stops trading.

First up, why has this happened?

From time to time we take on customers of smaller energy companies who, for whatever reason, stop trading (or ‘go bust’). This might come as a total surprise to you if you’re switched to us unexpectedly, but it’s a standard industry process that protects your rights and your energy supply.

Are you an ex-Economy Energy customer?

We took on the supply for nearly 235,000 Economy Energy customers on the 12th January 2019 when the company ceased trading. If you’re one of the people affected, you’ll receive an OVO welcome pack via email (or by post if we don’t hold your email address). You’ll also find lots of information on this page (so keep reading), or click here for our in-depth FAQs.

What happens now?

We want to make sure everything runs smoothly for you, so we’ll handle everything at our end. But you can expect to hear from us about: credit balances, Direct Debits, and smart meters (if you have one).

It’s also a really good idea to note down your meter reading (along with the date you take it), because we’ll be in touch to ask for it in the weeks after the switch.

How and when will you be in touch?

You’ll hear from us by email within a few weeks after your switch to us, or by post (if we don’t hold an email address for you).

Is my energy safe with OVO?

Absolutely! OVO is the UK’s largest independent energy supplier, with over a million customers and a great reputation for service and reliability. Right now, we’re on a mission to create an energy system of the future by using smart technology and renewable energy – but our customers always, always come first.

What can OVO offer me?

Apart from great service from our Bristol-based call centre, and 33% renewable energy (as standard), we’re also known for offering 3% Interest Rewards on credit balances. And – because we think the best kind of customers are the ones who stick around – we increase these to 4% in your second year with us, and 5% for the third year and every year after.

Do I have to stick with OVO?

Not at all! We hope you’ll give us a chance to impress, but if you’d like to switch away from us, you won’t have to pay exit fees. We’d just recommend waiting until your account is fully transferred to us, or your switch could take longer than usual.  

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