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Smarter Storage heat from OVO

Our exclusive offers for new and existing members

OVO have partnered with manufacturer Dimplex to bring you the best storage heating on the market. We’ll make sure you get the most efficient and economical heating system with ultimate control for heating your home as well as helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Signing up is simple, we can help every step of the way.


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Smart Home Heat Trial FAQs

We’re working with our partner, Dimplex, to offer a smart solution for your electric heating that connects your Dimplex Quantum heaters to the internet via an IOT (Internet of Things) Smart Hub. Once connected, you’ll be able to control your heaters via an app that allows you to set temperatures, schedules and even add your heaters to zones so you can control multiple heaters all in one.

In the background, we are working with Kaluza, one of the OVO Group companies, who will be optimising the electricity used by your heaters, with the aim to lower cost and the carbon intensity of the energy supplied to them. They’ll know how warm you want to be and when, and will then tell the heaters when to charge within those constraints and in line with the energy tariff you’ve chosen.

We believe in a future of clean and affordable energy for everyone and we can’t do that without tackling the decarbonisation of heat. In the same way electric vehicles are revolutionising the decarbonisation of transport, we believe smart electric heating will do the same for heat.

In order to show the value that smart electric heat can bring, we need to demonstrate it in real homes and that’s where you can help. By signing up to this trial you’ll be helping us prove the future of smart electric heating whilst saving money in the process.

This is new technology and as with anything new, there may be some teething problems but we’ve got a great team on hand if you ever need support.

You can find the full list of eligibility criteria in section 3 of the Terms & Conditions. But in summary you’ll need:

  • Purchase a minimum of 2 IOT enabled Dimplex Quantum heaters through OVO Energy;
  • to be a new or existing OVO Energy customer on one of our fixed plans and remain with us for the duration of the 12 month trial;
  • have an OVO or an OVO compatible smart meter and to opt in to sharing half-hourly readings;
  • home broadband and a smartphone or similar device to download and use the Dimplex Control App; and
  • to connect your heaters to the Dimplex Smart Hub (free for OVO customers, RRP £162) and keep them online throughout the trial.

Once you have received your initial quote for your heating upgrade, we’ll ask you if you want to sign up to the Smart Home Heat and let you know the next steps

  1. First, we'll check if you're already an OVO Energy customer - if you're not already, we can switch energy supplier to take part.
  2. Then we'll try to confirm your eligibility through a series of questions about you and your home. There are some eligibility criteria that we can't check up front so we can’t confirm for certain that you’ll be able to take part until later.
  3. If we find out later that you can’t take part, don’t worry, you’ll be free to switch away from OVO Energy with no exit fees.
  4. Once you're on supply with us, or for existing customers, we'll install a Smart Meter at your home if you don't already have a suitable one.
  5. When your installation is booked we will send you a Dimplex Smart Hub. Because you've signed up for the Trial, we'll install the Dimplex Smart Hub during your heater installation.
  6. Once this is all installed, and you've passed all the eligibility criteria, we'll connect your Dimplex Heating Products to the Kaluza platform via the Dimplex Smart Hub.
  7. You'll be able to set your heating settings on the heaters themselves or through the Dimplex Control App which will be shared with Kaluza to guide the optimisation.

£100 off each Quantum storage heater and £50 off each Q-Rad. This is subject to minimum purchase of 2 storage heaters per customer. New customers will be eligible for discounts once they switch to an OVO fixed tariff.

The Dimplex Smart Hub is an IOT (Internet of Things) gateway that connects all your Dimplex heating products to the internet so that you can control them via the Dimplex Control App. This connection allows us to send and receive instructions from your heaters including things like what temperature you want the room to be and what temperature it is at the moment.

The Dimplex Smart Hub is free to new and existing OVO customers when you sign up for the Smart Home Heat (usually £162)

Your Dimplex heaters connect via your Dimplex Smart Hub to the cloud. The Kaluza platform is then connected to Dimplex’s IOT cloud platform to send and receive information and instructions. Kaluza will receive information about your heating settings, your current room temperatures and how your heaters are operating. In return, they’ll send back instructions telling your heaters when to use electricity based on a variety of different factors - for example what the carbon intensity of the electricity is or how far away you are from your desired room temperature.

As your energy supplier, we also send information to Kaluza about your energy tariff and energy supply details so they can take this into account in their decision making - for example, if you’re on an economy 7 tariff, where possible depending on your own heat settings, they’ll use off peak electricity to meet your heating requirements.

Dimplex are the world’s largest manufacturer of electric heating products and we’ve partnered with them to deliver smart electric heating solutions by integrating Kaluza intelligence into all of their Quantum range of heaters.

Greenvision are our installation partner. They will be in touch with you to arrange your no-obligation survey and installation if you go ahead with the purchase.

Kaluza is an intelligent grid tech company, part of the OVO Group, leading the digital transformation of the electricity system. They have developed an intelligent energy platform that connects household devices that have storage capability (such as Dimplex Quantum heaters or electric cars) across the UK into a virtual power plant that can respond dynamically to the supply and demand of electricity across the National Grid. By connecting together these flexible energy devices, we can make better use of electricity when it’s more abundant and therefore cheaper and more likely to have come from renewable sources - for example, when the wind is blowing.

In this trial, Kaluza’s platform has been connected cloud-to-cloud with Dimplex’s IOT platform and will optimise the energy supplied to the Dimplex heaters in your home to heat your home at a lower cost and reduced carbon intensity whilst still delivering the heat you need to be comfortable in your home.

We need to chat to you about your current heating set up to make the best choices for new heaters. This way we can also give you a more accurate quote. Our engineers will also answer questions you may have about the Dimplex range.

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