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How do storage heaters work?

Storage heaters use off-peak energy, usually overnight, to store up heat that can be gradually released throughout the following day.

To do this, storage heaters have a highly insulated core, made up of a very high-density material. They’re designed to retain the stored heat for as long as possible. Storage heaters use off-peak energy because it’s cheaper than standard rate electricity. They’ll usually have a totally separate circuit to the rest of your home, and will only switch on when the off-peak period starts.

Now, some advanced storage heaters use quiet fans which help to evenly and efficiently distribute the stored heat. This means, unlike older storage heaters, you can enjoy much more comfort and efficiency over your heat.

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How do I know which storage heater is right for me?

Storage heaters began making their way into people’s homes in the 1960s. And since then, the technology has come a long way.

There are now 3 main types of storage heater which offer different levels of control and efficiency:


Automatic models

Replacing the old storage heaters that needed manual input to select how much heat to store, these new models detect the room temperature and set themselves, so they’re much more efficient.

Combination models

These work the same way as automatic models but are able to add heat during peak hours, if necessary. They give that extra bit of flexibility and more advanced controls.

High heat retention models

The latest in storage heater technology, using a highly-insulated core and quiet fans, these models release heat exactly when it’s needed and can also provide instant heat during the day if needed.

How efficient are Quantum storage heaters compared to other systems?      

Quantum storage heaters are the bees-knees of high heat retention models. With advanced technology, they offer greater efficiency, comfort and control compared to older storage heaters.

How? Here’s the low-down:

Quantum heaters store heat within a highly-insulated core, meaning heat is retained for much longer. 

They also have an easy-to-use IQ controller which lets you program your heating requirements in advance. And with a boost mode, they’re able to heat when those unexpected cold-snaps hit.

The advanced charge algorithm uses your heating requirement to calculate exactly how much heat should be stored in order to provide the amount of heat required for the next day.

And all these nifty features make Quantum storage heaters more efficient versus standard storage heater systems, saving you up to 23%1 on your heating bills.

How many do I need in my home?

Every home is different – and your heating requirements will differ from other people. So it’s not possible to get a one-size-fits-all system. Fortunately, storage heaters come in a range of different sizes, so it’s far easier to choose a selection of heaters that work in the space you have. And because they only use electricity, they can be placed with greater freedom around the home.

Terms & Conditions

Annual savings based on a 90m2 3 Bed Semi-detached Home, built to 1990s Building Regulations, on a “UK Average” electricity tariff (See here: Electricity kWh usage for Dimplex Quantum and equivalent manual static storage systems are from an independent report, commissioned by Dimplex in 2014 (

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