A bit more about how we’ll use your data for CrowdFlex

This service is part of the Electricity System Operator’s (ESO) CrowdFlex project in collaboration with a variety of third parties across the industry.

How will we use your data?

We’ll be collecting a variety of data including survey responses and your half-hourly usage data for the duration of this service. We’ll also collect and analyse data from your OVO account and use for further analysis. This data will be aggregated (combination of all customer’s data) or made anonymous and shared with ESO and any CrowdFlex project partner, on a continuous basis throughout the trial . ESO can share this data with third parties after the trial has ended.

If you sign up, we may share your contact details (name and email address) with our trusted third-party research agency partners as mentioned in our Privacy Policy to contact you for feedback.

The data may be used in the following ways


a. For modelling, analysis and performance monitoring of the trial

b. For research - Understanding consumer behaviours by different segments

c. Create new business models and propositions 

d. Calculating flex payments as part of the trial and to keep data for audit purpose

Externally -

a. Aggregated or anonymised data for survey responses modelling, analysis and performance monitoring

b. For research - Understanding consumer behaviours by different segments

c. Post trial, any stored aggregated or anonymised data for commercial or research reasons

d. Audit purposes as requested by ESO

For more information please see our Privacy Policy, Frequently Asked Questions and ESO’s privacy policy.

Deleting your data

We’re able to delete information upon request, only in relation to this project. Your data won’t be removed from your OVO account. If you opt out of the trial, you’ll have the choice to continue to share your data with the project. We’re unable to remove any collected data that has already been shared with the project partners. We may not be able to delete all of your data in relation to the project as it’s required to be kept for auditing purposes.

Charge Anytime customers

We’ll share your data in accordance with the Charge Anytime terms and conditions including but not limited to:

  • OVO to share your data (your email address, electricity rates, electricity MPAN, Device ID, and OVO ID) with Kaluza to notify them that you’re a Charge Anytime customer and to allow them to provide smart charging services; 
  • OVO to share your data with Ohme, if Ohme is your EV charging partner, as part of the data sharing agreement we currently have with you.