Power Move Spring Challenge

The Challenge

Challenge Type

Peak move - you’ll need to shift your non-essential electricity use out of peak time (from 6pm to 9pm) every weekday, Monday to Friday.

Monthly Target and Reward

Use 14.00% or less of your home’s total electricity use and earn up to £10 energy credit per month if you successfully hit the Monthly Target Levels

TargetMonthly reward
0 to 11.00%£10
11.01% to 12.50%£6
12.51% to 14.00%£3

Time slot

You need to shift your energy use to reach the Monthly Target Levels between 6-9pm every weekday, Monday to Friday.


From 1st April to 30th June 2024 inclusive.

Please see our Power Move Terms or FAQs for more detail about Power Move and how it works.