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I've lost my top-up card – what do I do?

You don't need a physical card in order to top up. If you still have the numbers (you can find these on an old top-up receipt), then you can top up online or on the OVO Energy Top-up app.

You can also input the numbers into your OVO Energy Top-up app, which will give you a barcode that you can use to top up at the shop.

Another option is to take your receipt to a shop, and they can use the top-up card numbers to do a manual top-up.

We charge £5 for replacement top-up cards. If you'd like us to send you one, let us know via chat. Just click the green chat icon on the bottom right of your screen.

If you have a traditional meter you'll need a new top up device. Please call 0330 175 9669 as soon as you can, so we can sort it out.

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