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What to do about your smart meter when you’re moving home

Find out everything you need to know about what to do about your smart meter and In-Home Display when you’re moving home.

Moving home is a bit of an upheaval, to say the least! So we’re here to make it easy for you to tick off your to-do list as quickly as possible. Get all the answers you need about all those fiddly bits that just need to be done. 

Do I leave my smart meter behind when I’m moving?

Yes – just like the old traditional meters, your smart meter stays behind when you move. Hopefully your new place will have a smart meter already installed, but if not, you can book an installation online, or via online chat, and we’ll install one for you as soon as we can. 

When you leave, you also don’t have to submit a final meter reading to us. Your smart meter will take one automatically on the day you move out.

What do I do with my In-Home Display (IHD) when moving?

If you’re moving home, please leave your IHD at your old house, so the new householder or tenant can benefit from it. Remember, IHDs are paired with the specific smart meter it came with, so it won’t work if you remove it. Please leave it somewhere easy to find for whoever’s moving in. 

If there isn’t a smart meter installed, you can book an appointment in your online account, or chat to one of our advisers in online chat, and we’ll get one installed as soon as possible. And if you can’t find the IHD in your new place, get in touch through our online chat, and we’ll send one out to you.

Can I take my current OVO plan to my new place?

Your current OVO plan only applies to your present address – which means you need to close your OVO account and re-apply to join us at your new address. That’s still the case if we already supply your new home. You’ll still need to cancel your current OVO contract and set up a new one. 

Can OVO start supplying energy on the day I move into my new home?

If your new property is already supplied by OVO, we'll have you covered from day 1. Please get in touch to let us know you have moved in so that we can set you up with an account. If your new home is not supplied by OVO and you've begun switching to us, your current supply will continue uninterrupted. We’ll start supplying you around 5 days after your move in. Your welcome letter or email will let you know the exact date. Just occasionally, we may run into unexpected problems and have to change the start date. If so, we’ll let you know right away and keep you posted about any new dates. You can also track your switch in your online account.

Will there be energy in my new home even though OVO hasn’t started supplying it yet?

Yes. The previous owner/tenant’s energy company will still be supplying energy. So you'll get the final bill from the other supplier some time after you've onboarded with us. 

For a handy Moving Home Checklist, head over to our blogs page and get ticking! 

Can I still switch suppliers if I have a smart meter?

Of course! Whether you have a smart electricity or gas meter (or both), you’re free to transfer to a new energy company, and your existing smart meter may still be compatible – with some exceptions. More on that below. 

The process for switching suppliers with a smart meter will usually be the same as if you have a traditional meter. During the transfer process, your new supplier will see that you’ve got a smart meter. They should then be able to tell you whether it will work in the same way as it does now.

I have an OVO smart meter. Can I switch to another supplier when I move?

Although we’ll be sad to see you go, yes, you can. But depending on the type and age of the smart meter, you might find that the new supplier can't receive your smart meter readings immediately. This can be remotely upgraded, so that the supplier will get readings without you needing to do anything. 

Once you’ve made the switch, check that your new supplier is getting your meter readings. 

How do I make sure my smart meter will stay “smart” if I change suppliers?

Some early smart meters, called SMETS1, may not be able to send readings automatically when you change your supplier. But these are being remotely and automatically upgraded, so you won't have to do anything. 

With some suppliers, your smart meter might simply lose its smart features and stop sending readings automatically. If so, you’ll just need to start giving monthly readings to your new supplier until it’s upgraded.

But if both your new and old supplier use the same type of smart meter, you should be able to carry on using your current equipment and enjoy more or less the same features.

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