Pay As You GoPayments and topping up

How do I top up my smart meter on the OVO Energy Top-up app?

Just follow these steps: 

  • Download the app (it’s available in the Apple App Store or Google Play)

  • Open it on your mobile and set up an account by clicking 'Create an account'. This means you’ll:

    • be able to save your top-up card numbers and debit card information

    • keep track of all your top-ups

    • have your top-up barcode handy if you want to top up in the shop

  • Once you've signed in, click 'top up' and enter your top-up card number. This is the 20-digit number on your gas or electricity Pay As You Go top-up card that we sent you.

  • Follow the instructions to top up

Prefer to top up without creating an account? 

  • Use the guest top-up function with just your top-up card number

When you buy credit, it’ll usually reach your meter within 40 minutes. If the signal in your home is ever too low to pick up your credit, you can add it yourself. You’ll need to use the 20 digit “VEND” code on your payment receipts.

If you’ve got a traditional Pay As You Go meter you might be able to switch to a smart meter – just get in touch and we’ll check this for you. Here’s why that’s a good idea:

  • Top up anytime and anywhere with the OVO Energy Top-up app – or at PayPoint shops (using a payment card or a barcode in the app). 

  • You can add £5 to £200 credit, track all your top-ups, and store bank cards to make things quicker. 

  • You’ll get a new smart meter installed for free. 

  • Smart meters help you save energy. By allowing you to track your energy use, they encourage you to make small changes to use less energy – cutting bills and carbon emissions too. 

  • You’ll get an In-Home Display to easily understand your smart meter. 

Call the OVO Energy Team on 0330 175 9669 to get your smart meter installation booked in.

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