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Troubleshooting tips for online accounts

Sometimes, web pages might not load within your online account. Our engineers are working to fix any issues.

Other OVO members have found these solutions can help. Try them in order:

  1. Refresh the page.

  2. Log out, then log in again.

  3. Clear OVO cookies from your web browser. Find out how to do this by opening a new browser window and searching ‘clear cookies’. Instructions will depend on your search engine and which device you’re using to access your OVO account.

  4. See if someone else has found a solution in the OVO Forum.

  5. Open online chat in the Help Centre to get help from one of our colleagues.

New to OVO?

If you’ve recently signed up with OVO, you might be experiencing problems because we’re still setting up your online account.

Please try again in a few days. If the problem continues, you can ask for help through our online chat, or email us.

You can also find more tips on problems logging in.

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