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Guide to switching electricity supplier

Switching energy suppliers is one of the best ways to cut down your household expenses and reduce your bills. What’s more, it’s quick and simple – your new provider will do almost all the work for you.

So if you’re worried that you’re paying too much for your electricity and not getting the best value, it’s time to look around at what’s available.

How to switch electricity supplier

It’s very easy to switch. There’s no need to contact your current provider. There’s no fiddly paperwork. You don’t need to know exactly how much electricity you’re currently using.

Here’s what you’d do if you want to switch to OVO.

For a start, find out what we can offer you. Take a look at our range of energy plans. Then go to our ‘Get a quote’ page and enter your postcode. We’ll come back with a quote based on the average energy use of households in your area.

If you’re happy with our quote, we’ll just ask you for a bit more information – such as your bank account details and your full address. Then you can just sit back and leave the rest to us.

Should I always choose the cheapest quote if I’m switching electricity companies?

That depends on your priorities. For example, at OVO we offer a ‘Greener’ tariff with 100% renewable electricity. It’s a little bit more expensive than our other plans, but many people who want to do their bit for the planet are happy to pay the extra.

You should also look into hidden costs. For example, some energy companies may charge exit fees if you decide to leave before the end of your contract.

So before you just snap up the cheapest quote, make sure the energy company is providing what you want.

Should I switch to a fixed rate plan?

Fixed rate plans are popular at the moment, as they offer energy customers protection against rising prices.

They guarantee that the unit costs of your electricity won’t rise for a set time (normally a year), no matter what may be happening to national energy prices. However, this doesn’t mean your monthly payments will stay the same throughout your plan. It’s the cost of each unit (kilowatt hour/kWh) of electricity that doesn’t change – not your monthly payment.

If I switch electricity suppliers, will it interrupt my electricity supply?

No. The electricity transmitted to your home will be exactly the same as it was before, and changing electricity suppliers won’t make any physical changes to your supply. The only difference you’ll see will be in your bills.

Your new and old suppliers will work together to transfer your supply, but it will still reach your home along the same wires and cables as it does now.

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