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Guide to switching gas supplier

switching gas supplier

Changing to a new energy provider is one of the fastest and easiest ways to reduce your monthly bills and outgoings. It’s an amazingly simple process, as your current and future suppliers will basically sort everything out together.

So if you reckon you’re paying over the odds for your gas and missing out on the best deals, do some research and find out what other gas suppliers can offer you.


Once you’ve chosen a new gas company, the rest is easy. There’s no need to rummage around for old bills and statements, or even to tell your current gas supplier (your new provider will do that for you). You don’t even need to fill in any forms or sign anything.

If you like the idea of switching to OVO

At OVO, we don’t offer gas on its own. We can only provide gas as a dual fuel with electricity.

However, if you’re thinking of switching both fuels, we’ll be very happy to give you a quote. Here’s what to do.

First, take a look at our range of energy plans. Next, visit our 'Get a quote’ page and type in your postcode. We’ll respond with a quote that’s based on the average energy use of similar homes in your neighbourhood.

If like the look of our quote and want to go ahead with your switch, we’ll simply need a couple more details – like your bank account number and sort code, as well as your house name or number so we’ve got your exact address. And we’ll ask you to take a meter reading and send it to us.

Once that’s done, you can forget about the switch and leave everything to us. We’ll be in touch at intervals to let you know how your switch is progressing.

Is it always best to opt for the lowest quote?

If all you want to do is save money when you switch gas supplier, of course it makes sense to choose the most competitive quote. However, you may want to balance that with other priorities.

For instance, if you switch to OVO you could choose our Green Energy add-on, which is a little bit dearer than our other tariffs. However, if you want to make your contribution towards saving the planet, you might be happy to pay the extra.

Make sure you also check for hidden costs. For instance, some energy companies may charge exit or termination fees for leaving before the end of a contract.

So don’t just pounce on the cheapest quote and sign up right away. Look into all the features and benefits of each plan before you make up your mind.

How do gas companies set their prices?

Gas suppliers base the prices they charge you on the costs they pay when buying and supplying your gas. National gas prices can rise and fall over the year, and they’re influenced by a wide range of external factors. For example, overproduction can cause prices to fall, while adverse weather conditions could force a rise. Your gas supplier may or may not be affected, depending on where your gas comes from and how it’s transported to you.

Most gas companies buy gas well in advance to try and lessen the effect of these external factors.

Will switching gas suppliers interrupt my gas supply?

No. Your gas won’t need to switched off at any time during the switch, and changing gas suppliers won’t cause any hiccups in your supply. The actual gas that heats your home and water won’t change, and your new company will use the same pipes, meters and systems as your current gas supplier.

So the only difference you’ll notice will be in your bank balance.

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