Switching to OVO

Joining OVO? Or thinking of switching? Lucky us!

When is the best time to switch to OVO?

You can switch at anytime, but some fixed rate contracts charge exit fees. So if your current plan does, you might prefer to wait until your renewal period before you switch. This is especially important to remember if you’re renting.

Your supplier will contact you 42 to 49 days before the end of your plan to let you know your options.

Just joined? Here’s what will happen next:

1. You’ll get a welcome letter in the post or an email, depending on your preferences, with everything you need to know. 

Including which OVO plan you’ve chosen, your expected switch date, Direct Debit amount and first payment date.

2. You’ve got 14 calendar days (your cooling-off period) to change your mind from the day you sign up.

So check all the information carefully and get in touch if you'd like to change anything. Just let us know (by email or by phone) if anything needs changing, or if OVO’s not for you.

3. You’ll switch to OVO a few days after the cooling off period ends. 

You don’t need to do anything.

4. A few days before your switch date we’ll ask you to give us your first meter readings. 

You have a 10-day window to do this. So you can send us them on any one of the 5 days before – or after – your switch date. Once we’ve got them, we’ll send them off to be validated by the central database that all suppliers use. 

5. As soon as they’re validated, we'll open your account. 

Welcome to all things OVO. Your first statement will wing its way into your inbox around 4-6 weeks later – unless you’ve asked us to bill you by post, which will be every 3 months.  

What should I do if I change my mind?

You’ve got a 14 day cooling-off period to change your mind after you’ve signed up to us. If you want to cancel during this time, simply tell us by calling 0800 5999 440. You won’t pay any exit fees.

After your cooling-off period, you can still leave us – but we can’t stop the switch. You’ll need to choose another new supplier and start switching all over again. If you’re on a fixed OVO plan, you’ll have to pay £30 exit fees for each fuel. If you’re on our variable rate plan (Simpler Energy), you can leave at any time without paying any exit fees. 

What happens if I join OVO with a credit balance?

Your old supplier should refund you the money after you get your final bill – and your first bill from us. 

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What can go wrong with my switch? 

Most of the time, your switch will go smoothly without any hiccups. But, occasionally, there might be a delay – and it’s likely to be from one of these things: 

1. Your meter readings might take longer than normal to be validated

We get different companies to check your electricity and gas opening readings against the meter readings from your previous energy supplier/s. This means that your validated readings might not come back together. This can lead to a delayed first statement from us, and a delayed last statement from your previous supplier on one or both of your fuels. And if the figures don’t match, it can lead to a reading dispute. 

2. Your meter details or address might be wrong

It might be that we're missing one of your meter serial numbers, or haven't got your full address. If this happens, we'll email and ask you to double check. Also, don’t forget to double check that your gas and/or electric meter numbers (MPAN and MPRN) match the numbers we have. 

3. You might have had an erroneous transfer

We use the national database to find your meter details, so we switch the right person. If the details happen to be wrong, we might transfer someone else by mistake. This is called an erroneous transfer.

4. You've built up a debt

If you owe your old energy supplier money, they may reject or block your switch, which will lead to a delay. You’ll need to arrange to pay them what you owe, and then they’ll let you switch.

 I’ve been told there’s an ‘objection’ with my switch. What does this mean? 

An ‘objection’ is an official way for your energy provider to put your switch on hold until they’re satisfied that:

  • You don’t owe them any money.
  • You’re not breaking the terms of your contract with them in any way.
  • Your new provider has attempted to switch a ‘related’ meter or meters (which have 2 or more meter point administration numbers) at the same time, rather than separately.

In some cases, even if you don’t think you have a contract – for example, if you’ve just moved into a property, or your fixed contract has expired – you can still receive an objection. 

If you’ve just moved into a property, and there’s already an existing supplier from the last occupancy, you may be under a ‘deemed’ contract with the existing supplier. This means that you’ll need to pay for any energy used from the date you move into the property. If you try to switch, but you’re in debt with your ‘deemed’ supplier, you might get an objection. 

And if your fixed contract expired, you may have been automatically rolled onto a variable rate plan instead. So if you try to switch, but you’re in debt, you might get an objection. 

If your energy company decides to raise an objection, they must let you know as soon as possible (this is one of the terms of their licence). They must also explain:

  • Why they’ve raised their objection.
  • How you can resolve matters and get them to remove their objection. 

I switched gas and electricity, but only one is on my bill.

Most dual fuel customers are switched in 20 days, but sometimes there are delays or only one fuel shows on your first statement. Here's what could be happening.

When you sign up to OVO, we ask for your gas and electricity opening readings and get them checked against your meter reading history. It’s what all energy suppliers do. If you’re switching two fuels to us, we need to check both. Your gas and electricity opening readings are checked by different companies, but both readings should come back within 6 weeks. 

But my first statement (bill) only shows only one fuel?

This is because we can’t create a statement until we know your official opening readings. Gas and electricity meter readings get checked separately, so you might get your first gas statement before your first electricity one – and vise versa. 

What if it’s more than 6 weeks? 

The most common reason for statement delays is read disputes. Sometimes when we get a customer's opening meter readings, they're a bit different to what we expected. If this happens, we do a bit of detective work to find out what's gone on – it’s what the industry calls a meter read dispute. If this happens, we’ll talk to your previous energy supplier to work out what the readings should be, based on the amount of energy you’ve used in the past. Learn more about reading disputes here.

What about my final statement from my old supplier?

As soon as your old supplier gets your validated readings, they’ll send out your statements. But you might get one before the other: your final electricity statement before your final gas statement, or vice versa.
If there’s ever a reading dispute, your old supplier might not send out your final statement until things are sorted – and that can take up to 12 weeks.

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Additional terms and conditions
Please see below for full terms and conditions on 33% renewable electricity, 3-5% interest rewards, exit fees and saving claims.


1Monthly cost - Representative monthly direct debit costs based on a non-economy-7, dual-fuel, medium user (3100 kWhs elec. and 12500 kWhs gas) paying in advance by direct debit, including online discount.  All rates correct as of 20/3/2018, but may go up or down.

2Weekly cost - Representative weekly costs based on a non-economy-7, dual-fuel, medium user (3100 kWhs elec. and 12500 kWhs gas).  All rates correct as of 22/11/2017, but may go up or down.

3Pay Monthly Savings claims: Saving based on the estimated annual cost of Simpler tariff for a non-economy-7, dual-fuel, medium user (3100 kWhs elec. and 12500 kWhs gas) paying monthly in advance by direct debit, including online discount. Comparisons made against the average of the Big 6 standard variable tariffs with equivalent features. All rates correct as of 20/3/2018.“The Big 6” are British Gas, Scottish Power, SSE, Npower, E.ON and EDF.

4Pay As You Go Savings are based on the average estimated annual costs for new PAYG OVO customers quoted through the OVO website (based on household and/or consumption information provided by those customers), compared to their current supplier and tariff. Comparisons taken between 01/01/2016 and 11/10/16. Incl VAT. Actual savings may vary according to your current supplier or tariff, individual tariff options, household information, consumption and location. 

We include almost twice as much renewable electricity as the national average: At least 33% of electricity in all of our tariffs comes from renewable sources. The national average, according to Ofgem as at March 2014 was 16.7%. For more information please visit this page.

33% of your electricity comes from renewable sources: 33% renewable electricity as standard as of 1st April 2015. Renewable electricity is generated from wind, solar, geothermal, wave, tidal, hydro, biomass, landfill gas, sewage treatment plant gas and biogas.

OVO Interest Rewards: Interest Rewards are paid on credit balances of customers paying by monthly Direct Debit. It is calculated at 3% in your first year, 4% in your second year and 5% in your third year (and every year thereafter) if you pay by Direct Debit. Interest Rewards are paid monthly based on the number of days you’re in credit and the amount left in your account after you’ve paid your bill. Full terms apply:

95% of new customers save when switching to OVO: Savings based on the average estimated annual costs for all new OVO customers quoted through the OVO website, compared to their current supplier and tariff. Comparisons taken between 01/05/2016 and 11/10/16. Incl VAT.

94% of surveyed customers would recommend us: OVO conducted a survey of their customers in between 1st January 2016 and 15th April 2016. Out of 15,312 customers who responded, over 94% rated OVO 6+ when asked 'how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend and family, on a scale of 1 to 10.

uSwitch's Energy Supplier of the Year 2017: OVO energy was voted and awarded  'Energy Supplier of the year' and best for: Overall Customer Satisfaction, Most Likely to be Recommended, Value for Money, Best Deal for You, Customer Service, Billing Services, Energy Efficiency, Meter Services, Online Services, Green Services and Transfer Process. OVO Energy scored a 96% customer satisfaction score.

* EV - Everywhere, full terms and conditions:

* OVO SolarStore (Beta), full terms and conditions:

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PAYG unit rates

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