Meet our members and find out ‘What we can do’ to get to a zero carbon future together

22 October 2019 | OVO Energy

Changing the world with our energy

When it comes to tackling the climate crisis, it’s the little changes that count. Because if we all change together, it’ll add up to something powerful.

But words are nothing without action. That’s why our new campaign features members of the OVO community (and their impressive kids!) opening up about the changes they’re making to reduce their carbon footprints – and speed up their journey to zero carbon. 

Read on for inspiration about the little action you could take to reduce your carbon footprint.


Travis is thinking about his environmental footprint here in the UK, where he and his partner have banned single-use plastics in their home. But he’s also creating an eco complex with his family in Dominica, where frequent hurricanes show the effects of climate change. As Travis says, “We have to work as a community.”


Aaliyah talks about what her school’s doing to tackle the climate crisis, and shares how she walks or cycles to school with her pals. “Even just the little, tiniest things. If everyone would do it, it would make a big difference.”


Linnea’s doing her part to protect the planet by flying less and taking her holidays in England. “Making the smaller changes and everyone doing them is the thing that’s going to drive positive change.” She knows that it’ll take everyone coming together for lasting change: “It’s about being a part of something bigger.”


At 61, Julian’s able to reflect on how much has changed thanks to everyone making small changes together. “I’m an optimist. It looks to me like we’ve come a hugely long way.” But he also knows that we’ve got a way to go: “It isn’t going to happen overnight. It’s going to happen over the next 20, 30 years.”


Shirley, from north London, has a similar message: “When people see that small choices that they’ve made can make such an impact, it will just be exponential after that.” That’s why she only buys sustainable fashion and has switched from a gas hob to an induction hob.


After thinking about it for years, Emma finally took the plunge and went vegetarian. And her dad’s in love with his new solar panels! “I just feel there’s a growing movement. People are really, really waking up. We just can’t keep doing this.”

Ready to get involved? Check out OVO BeyondBETA.  It’s our new sustainable upgrade that brings you the green energy and technology you need to supercharge your journey towards zero carbon. It even lowers your energy bills.

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