What is an MPAN number and how to find it?

30 June 2020 | OVO Energy

A quick guide to explain everything you need to know about your MPAN number

mpan number

Whether you’re about to move into a new home, or you already have, chances are you’ll need to know your MPAN – otherwise known as a Meter Point Administration Number.

An MPAN is the number that identifies the specific electricity supply for your home. It’s sometimes also known as your ‘supply number’.

When might I need my MPAN?

If you’re moving home (or even just switching supplier), an MPAN helps your new energy supplier to know that they’re taking over your supply, and not someone else’s. 

The numbers on your MPAN are unique to your home. Think of it as your home’s energy supply ‘fingerprint’ – though thankfully, you won’t need a Crime Scene Investigation unit to help you find it!

How do I find my MPAN?

If you’re already set up with a supplier, you’ll find your MPAN in your welcome letter, and it’s often on your electricity bill. Sometimes it’s in a box marked ‘supply number’ – and it’s usually 21 digits long and begins with an ‘S’.

What if I don’t yet have an account/bill?

If you’ve just moved and haven’t yet set up an account with a supplier, simply call the existing supplier to find out your number. And if you’re not sure who that is, check out our handy guide to discovering who currently supplies your gas or electricity.

If you’re already with OVO, you can also find out more here about how to find your MPAN via your account online. You’ll just need your account number and password.

What’s the difference between an MPAN and an MPRN?

MPRN – which stands for Meter Point Reference Number – refers to your gas, rather than your electricity supply. Again, if you need it, you can find it on a bill. Handy tip: it’s usually 6-10 digits long. 

Learn more about MPRNs in our handy guide

If you haven’t chosen a new supplier yet, you can find out here who the existing gas supplier for your home is.

Can I find an MPAN or MPRN on my meter box?

Generally no, is the short answer! You’ll usually be able to spot a meter serial number on your meter box – but this is a code that identifies the actual meter box itself, and it’s not the same as an MPAN or MPRN.

It’s also worth knowing that your meter serial number can change whenever a meter is upgraded or replaced – unlike the MPAN, which is unique to the property address.

Still having problems?

If you’re a renter and still struggling to track down your MPAN/MPRN, your property manager or landlord might be able to help.

Not to bombard you with yet another acronym, but you could also contact your MPAS – your Meter Point Administration Service. They keep up-to-date records on the supply of electricity to every location in the UK. If you'd like to get more information about MPAS and what number you should call to get your current Meter Point Administration Number, we've put together a quick guide on MPAS to help you out.

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