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10 of our favourite free energy efficiency apps

By Rachel England Friday 10 July 2015


Mary Poppins always said even the most laborious tasks can be fun, if they’re turned into a game. That’s exactly what this app does – it turns energy efficiency into an enjoyable challenge. The app organises easy, energy-saving tips into achievements. So you can rack up points, climb leaderboards, and save a tidy sum of cash in the process.


Bla Bla Car

Cars are major environmental offenders, not to mention massive drains on the wallet. Do your bank balance and the climate a favour – see how car-pooling could work for you. This useful app is proving popular, teaming up like-minded individuals keen to share a ride. Particularly handy for longer trips, city to city. Available on both Android and iPhone.



The way Shazam identifies songs, Smappee identifies appliances. This app’s energy monitor let’s you know how much power your household appliances consume, from wherever you are. See what’s going on, energy-wise, in your home – the developers say you could make sustainable energy savings up to 30%.


Good On You

An easy way for conscious consumers to check the ethics behind clothing brands, while on the go. More than 1,000 fashion brands are rated, based on how they treat our planet, people, and animals. You can find out how similar brands compare, find deals and send messages to brands, with your compliments or complaints. Impulse buyer? This app might provide the justification you need when sales shopping!



If you drive an electric vehicle, there’s plenty of charging stations around these days – but this app can tell you exactly where they are! Boasting the 'most accurate and complete' charging station map, PlugShare can be used to find EV chargers all over the world. Available on both Android and iPhone.


Energy Cost Calculator

You might think leaving the lights on when you pop to the kitchen, or leaving the TV on standby overnight isn’t that big a deal, but as these apps show, it all adds up! Both iPhone and Android have a version. Each calculate exactly how much you’re unnecessarily spending on energy every day, week, month and year.


Simple Shower Timer

Saving water saves the planet and this app is an easy and effective way to reduce your shower time. It can give you spoken updates and commands at chosen times. Want to try and shampoo, condition or shave in under 5 minutes? Set out the designated times and give it a whirl! Available on iPhone and Android.


Water Use Calculator

Feel the need to delve deeper into your water consumption habits? Find out how much you’re using every time you brush your teeth or run the dishwasher with this handy iPhone app, which also gives you lots of hints and tips on bringing your water consumption down overall.


Power Cost Calculator

The energy used by appliances on standby mode is called ‘vampire energy’, and rightly so, because it sucks the life out of your energy efficiency, and your wallet. This Android app helps you understand just how much energy your phone charger, microwave, TV or other appliance is using when it's on standby. Breaking it down into cost savings could make a big difference to your bill. Its default setting is for euros, so you’ll have to input your tariff charges first.


OVO Energy

Well we had to have this on the list, didn’t we? Our apps for both iPhone (and Apple Watch) and Android allow our customers to view statements, submit meter readings and see how much energy they’re using – wherever they are. The OVO Energy app makes energy management a breeze!