How Anytime Charging Credits work

All the electricity you consume will initially be charged at the normal rate you pay under your existing OVO plan. This is the rate that’ll be reflected in your live balance and on your bill. This is also the rate you will be charged if you override your smart charging schedule at any point to manually charge your car.

On the first day of every month, you’ll receive credit based on how much of your total electricity usage went into smart charging your electric vehicle. The credit provided will mean that each month your total bill will be equal to what you would’ve paid if your EV charging rate was 5p/kWh.

For example:

A customer uses 500 kWh in August, of which 300 kWh went on powering their home, and 200 kWh went on smart charging their EV. Their OVO Drive household electricity rate is 36.5p/kWh and OVO Drive + Anytime rate is 5p/kWh for EV smart charging.



On 1st of September, the customer’s bill will show the following:

Electricity used*: £182.5 (500 kWh at 36.5p/kWh)

Anytime Charging Credit**: £63

*The £182.5 for electricity used charges the customer for all of their electricity (500kWh) at the household rate of 36.5p/kWh.

**The Anytime Charging Credit works out that the 200kWh that went on smart charging the customer’s EV should be charged at the cheaper rate of 5p/kWh.

Your charging credits are calculated as follow:

Anytime Charging Credit (£) = (Home rate - EV rate) x Electricity used to smart charge EV

This is just an example. Your actual charging credit might be lower. They’ll be determined by your charging habits.