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OVO Drive EV Tariff

Our unique plan for electric vehicle drivers.

OVO Drive is our latest EV tariff – powering your car and home with clean, renewable electricity¹ while saving you money.

The best of OVO Drive

Discover what our new EV tariff, OVO Drive can offer you.

Power your home and car with OVO's specialist EV tariff.

We're making EVs cheaper and greener per mile!

Plug into green power

We bring you clean, renewable electricity¹ and we plant 1 million trees every year², right here in the UK.

12 month contract

With fixed rates to protect you against price rises

Green up your home

And lower your bills³ with OVO Greenlight, our new energy-saving tool

Ready to plug into powerful?

Come drive with us

We’re an energy supplier with sights set high: helping save the planet. Which is why we use great green tech and tree-planting power to fight climate change from all corners. Just by joining us you’ll be cutting about 1 tonne of carbon a year⁴!


Come drive with us

We’re an energy supplier with sights set high: helping save the planet. Which is why we use great green tech and tree-planting power to fight climate change from all corners. Just by joining us you’ll be cutting about 1 tonne of carbon a year⁴!


Great deals to take for a spin

£70 off a home smart charger

Make the most out of your EV with a next-gen home smart charger – now available at an electrifying price, exclusively for OVO members.

Packed with innovative features and super-intuitive technology that’ll help you live life in the green lane, they’re great for your wallet and the planet.

Get a smart charger

Live electric. Lease electric.

Ready to make the switch to electric? OVO members get an extra-special offer: 2,000 free green miles when you lease an electric car with our award-winning partner Vanarama. Now that’s what we call going places⁵!

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Your EV tariff questions answered

This depends on the size of the EV’s battery. For example, a Renault ZOE has a 52kWh battery, so charging it with an average OVO Drive rate of 67.1/kWh would cost just over £34.89. The ZOE has a 245 mile range, which means you’d be paying £0.14 per mile. Interested in finding out more about charging costs? Read our guide on how much it will cost to charge an electric car at home, workplace and abroad.

Far less than you'll be spending on petrol, that's for sure! Exact costs will depend on your driving style, the efficiency of your car, and – most importantly – how many miles you drive! Using OVO Drive's average rate of 67.1/kWh, a typical vehicle will cost around 16.8p for every mile you drive. As an example, if you do 7600 miles a year, that'll be £1274.9 a year!

Some EV tariffs offer lower rates for charging at night. But with OVO Drive’s flat rate, you’re not tied to charging your car overnight. Charge any time for the same flat rate. What are you waiting for? Get a quote and sign up today!

You’re welcome to join OVO Drive without a smart meter. If you’d like one once you’ve signed up, you can book a smart meter appointment after you've got your first OVO statement.

Yes, OVO Drive is specially designed for electric vehicle (EV) drivers – so you do need to have an EV to be on the plan.

No, we’re sorry – OVO Drive is a dual-fuel only plan, so you’ll need to have both your electricity and gas with us.

Please know, if you have electric heating or storage heating as the main source of heat for your home, unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer you an OVO Drive plan.

If you’re on our variable plan,you can switch to a fixed plan at any time, and your new plan will start the next day. There’s no exit fee and no hassle. If you’re on a fixed plan, you just need to wait until you’re in your “renewal window”, 53 days before the end of your contract – otherwise, you might have to pay an exit fee. Your new plan will then start when your current one ends. Read more about switching between OVO plans here.

OVO Drive is a single-rate energy plan. This means the cost of electricity remains the same around the clock. So you can power your home and car, day and night, without paying more at peak times.

Absolutely! Once you’ve signed up, you can get an EV charger installed by our partner ChargedEV. Find more info (and electrifying prices, exclusively for OVO members) check out our EV charging page.

OVO Drive Anytime will be exclusively available to OVO Drive members. But sit tight, we’re still working on the details right now – keep an eye out on for our big OVO Drive Anytime launch, happening later this summer.

No, sadly this will end with your EV Everywhere plan. You’ll be charged for your bp pulse account once your plan ends, unless you decide to cancel it.

We run a programme called I Dig Trees in partnership with a charity called The Conservation Volunteers (TCV). They’re experts at finding spaces across the UK for planting trees, especially urban spots, where the trees will make the biggest difference to local communities! TCV – along with an army of OVO volunteers – plant trees in places like local primary schools, retirement homes, colleges, and parks.

There’s no need for a torch and candles – your electricity and gas supply will continue as usual when you switch suppliers.

You don’t need to worry about contacting your old supplier to tell them you’re switching – we’ll take care of that for you.

Important to know

  1. From 1 October 2022, 100% renewable electricity is only available to customers who currently have an electricity smart meter or who have a smart meter installed. To book a smart meter installation or for more information, head here. Not all customers may be able to have a smart meter installed. Terms and eligibility criteria apply, please see here for details.  If you are on a fixed contract you will still receive 100% renewable energy until the end of your contract. The renewable electricity we sell is backed by renewable certificates (Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates, also known as REGOs). Get more details on REGOs and how these work here. A proportion of the electricity we sell is also purchased directly from renewable power generators in the UK.
  2. OVO Energy plants 1 million trees across the UK each year with its tree planting partners, The Conservation Volunteers and the Woodland Trust. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, so planting trees helps to slow down climate change.
  3. OVO's 2019 analysis of academic research into the effectiveness of feedback on energy consumption behaviours indicates that being able to monitor your energy usage by installing a smart meter and having access to energy insights information can lead to a reduction in energy use. The reduction in energy use results from the customer making changes to their habits by curtailing home energy use through actions such as optimising heating settings or switching lights off. The actual savings achieved will vary depending on individual energy use and the nature of changes made to a customer's energy habits.
  4. By switching to OVO Energy you could reduce your carbon footprint by up to 792kg of carbon per year. This is based on the carbon emissions caused in the production and consumption of the 100% renewable electricity OVO provides as standard, compared to the emissions caused by the production and consumption of UK grid average electricity. Average UK household energy consumption figures were sourced from BEIS (2019). The carbon emissions factors were calculated by the Carbon Trust.
  5. OVO is offering a £75 energy credit for OVO members who have entered into a lease agreement for an EV from Vanarama after being redirected from the OVO website (the Vanarama Energy Credit). This will be added to your OVO account balance to be used to reduce any amount that you may owe us in the future. The credit will be applied as a single £75 credit to your energy account 30 days after you take delivery of your EV. Terms and eligibility criteria apply. Please see here for full offer terms and conditions.

OVO Drive Terms and Conditions

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