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Save more than £300 over two years

And make your car (and money) go further.

How? With free POLAR plus membership (worth £188) and free Green Energy (worth £120).

EV Everywhere

Bundle with 2 Year Fixed energy plan

  • Zero energy price rises for at least 2 years.
  • 3%-5% OVO Interest Reward on credit balances.
  • Service from the UK's top rated energy supplier.
Free add-ons

Green Energy

Worth £120 over 2 years

Charge at home with free 100% green electricity from renewable sources.


Worth £188 over 2 years

Charge anywhere with free membership to the UK's biggest charging network.

See how much you could save

Go anywhere, whenever you like...

Why spoil your journey by worrying about 'range'?

Membership to POLAR plus means you can use thousands of UK charge points, from the Cornish coast to the Scottish highlands – and every place in between.

It’s as easy as entering your postcode into a map. You can even filter your search by the speed of charge and type of connection you need.

Type 2
Rapid Charge

Interested in finding out more about POLAR plus?
Visit their website

Green Energy at no extra cost

Enjoy 100% renewable electricity at home.

Breathe. Our Green Energy add-on means you’ll be doing more than your bit for the atmosphere.

Our promise

For every unit of electricity you buy, we’ll purchase a unit from a 100% renewable source (like hydro, solar, or wind). We'll also plant 10 trees on your behalf.

Miles more for your money

See how EV Everywhere matches up.

Compared to our standard plans, this special bundle brings you so much more.

  • 2 Year Fixed
    per month
    • 2 years fixed unit rates
    • POLAR plus membership
    • 100% green electricity
    • 3% OVO Interest Reward
    • Online discount
  • EV Everywhere
    2 Year Fixed energy
    per month
    • 2 years fixed unit rates
    • POLAR plus membership
    • 100% green electricity
    • 3% OVO Interest Reward
    • Online discount
  • Simpler Energy
    per month
    • No minimum contract
    • POLAR plus membership
    • 100% green electricity
    • 3% OVO Interest Reward
    • Online discount


You can find the answers to your EV Everywhere questions at OVO Answers, or browse our most commonly asked questions here.

Existing customers can sign up through the Offers section of My OVO. Please email us if you have any problems signing up.

If you buy an EV and start charging it lots at home, then your energy bills will probably go up, but you’ll find that – over time – you may save in other ways, like tax and fuel. Take our Field Force team for instance. We’ve found that those who still use diesel vans will typically pay £150 in fuel to drive the same distance as those with electric vans who only pay £30 in electricity.

OVO’s EV Everywhere bundle can also help keep your costs down because it includes 2 years of fixed rates, which means zero price rises for a whole 24 months. It’s also the best value EV package in the UK, so when you take into account the free Green Energy and free POLAR plus membership add-ons you may save money overall.

We give all our EV Everywhere customers free membership to POLAR plus – the UK’s largest charging network – but we don’t service the POLAR plus charging points ourselves. If you’ve got an issue with any of them, call the POLAR plus team directly on 0330 016 5126 or email

We run a programme called ‘I Dig Trees’ in partnership with a charity called The Conservation Volunteers (TCV). They’re experts at finding green spaces across the UK, in which to plant trees – especially urban spots, because these make the greatest difference to local communities. The TCV (along with an army of OVO volunteers) plant in places like: local primary schools, old people’s homes, parks (in partnership with local authorities), roundabouts, colleges, and footpaths to name a few.

  1. Monthly cost - Representative monthly direct debit costs based on a non-economy-7, dual-fuel, medium user (3,100 kWh elec. and 12,500 kWh gas) paying in advance by direct debit, including online discount.  All rates correct as of 06/06/2017, but may go up or down.

  2. The UK's best value plan for electric vehicle owners: Based on a price comparison of a median user using Ofgem's typical domestic consumption values statistics, OVO's 2 Year Fixed Energy plan is the cheapest UK tariff for Electric Vehicle (EV) owners at £1,070 a year. Ecotricity's Green Electricity + Green Gas is £1,236, and Good Energy's Good Energy & Gas+ is £1,187. No discounts applied. Comparison taken on 29/06/17.
  3. Save over £300: By signing up to the EV Everywhere bundle for 2 years, you’ll get free POLAR plus membership (normal cost £188.40 for 2 years), plus our Green Energy add-on with your fixed plan for free (normal cost £120 for 2 years). Total saving: £308.40 over 2 years.
  4. Free membership for 2 years to the UK's biggest charging network worth £188: By signing up to the EV Everywhere bundle for 2 years, you will get free membership to POLAR plus from the POLAR network (normal cost £188.40 for 2 years). This membership will give you access to 5,635 charge points in the UK - you will have free charging at 80% of those charge points, but you will need to pay a charging cost for the remaining 20%. A live map showing the location of all POLAR Plus charge points is available at The second largest UK network after POLAR Plus is Pod Point who has 1,700 charge points. Source: Correct on 30.06.17.
  5. Free 100% renewable electricity for 2 years included, worth £120: By signing up to EV Everywhere for 2 years, you’ll get our Green Energy add-on with your fixed plan for free (normal cost £120 for 2 years). We will also purchase renewable certificates for 100% of your electricity consumption. Renewable electricity is generated from wind, solar, geothermal, wave, tidal, hydro, biomass, landfill gas, sewage treatment plant gas and biogas. For more information, visit where does OVO gets its electricity from?
  6. Zero energy price rises for at least 2 years: The EV Everywhere bundle includes OVO's 2 Year Fixed Energy plan, which means your unit price is fixed for 24 months.
  7. Britain's top rated energy provider: Achieved the highest score of 78% in the Which? 2017 energy satisfaction survey, conducted in September and October 2016. First for overall customer satisfaction in the uSwitch Energy Awards 2017. Based on latest independent uSwitch Customer Satisfaction Report. Participants surveyed between 27/10/16 and 01/11/16.
  8. 3% OVO Interest Rewards on credit (rising to 5% after 2 years): This is calculated at between 3 and 5% per year for customers paying by Direct Debit. OVO Interest Rewards are paid monthly based on the number of days you’re in credit and the amount left in your account after you've paid your bill. The yearly rate depends on how long you’ve been with us, and the credit balance on which you can earn the OVO Interest Reward is capped. Terms apply:
  9. We'll plant 10 trees for you: To help reduce carbon in the atmosphere, we aim to plant 5 trees across the UK every year for each customer on our Green Energy add-on. We don’t offer this benefit with our Better and Simpler tariffs.

EV Everywhere Terms and Conditions