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Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles: your next car?

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Wednesday 05 February 2020

In an ideal world, all driving would be electric. But with worries about range and charging, deciding to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle (EV) isn’t that straightforward. 

However, there’s another option – plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, or PHEVs – offering a convenient first step towards more electric miles. It’s why we’ve teamed up with Mitsubishi to bring members 10,000 free green miles when they buy a new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – the most popular PHEV in the UK. 

Let’s plug into some of the most common questions asked about PHEVS.

What’s the point of a plug-in hybrid?

Transport is responsible for a hefty amount of CO2 emissions – and it’s mostly due to the combustion engine and the fossil fuels used to power them. 

PHEVs combine electric and petrol power to improve efficiency – especially on short trips or in traffic, where petrol engines are least efficient. And unlike older hybrid models, PHEVs have bigger, mains-rechargeable electric batteries, meaning more electric miles. 

PHEVs are all about the “sweet spot”, by offering short journeys on electric power with the peace of mind of a petrol engine as back-up for longer journeys. 

But if they’ve got a petrol engine, why bother charging them?

This is a common misconception. The reality is that if you own a PHEV and you never charge it, it quickly becomes expensive to own and run – you’re dragging an entire second “engine” around with you and never using it.

The average daily commute in England and Wales is just under 10 miles. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has an electric range of 28 miles, which is plenty enough to get you to work and back with electric miles to spare. 

Even on longer journeys, they can recognise they’re on a motorway and will switch automatically between petrol and electric to maximise efficiency – so plugging in and charging regularly is a must. 

Are people remembering to charge their PHEVs, though?

A recent survey of Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV owners found that 96% of owners plug-in at least once a week. The survey also found that half the average daily mileage of all owners surveyed are electric – meaning tens of thousands of fossil-fuel miles are being prevented. 

More interestingly, a quarter of owners said they’re thinking about getting an EV next, meaning their time behind the wheel of a PHEV has convinced them that electric is the future, meaning they’re more likely to ditch the petrol engine entirely next time. All great news for an all-electric future. 

Isn’t charging tricky? What if I can’t charge at home?

Plugging in your PHEV is no more difficult than plugging in a kettle. And with a safe and secure smart charger or a convenience charge point near your home, plugging in takes seconds. 

And don’t forget, thanks to your electric motor, you can wave goodbye to queuing up at the local petrol station every few days. 

By moving to electric, aren’t we just moving the emissions elsewhere?

It’s true that electricity generated in fossil-fuelled power stations releases carbon into our atmosphere. And it’s a point that EV sceptics often raise.  

It’s also why we’ve partnered with Mitsubishi Motors –  to bring members the chance to cut their carbon footprints by enjoying 10,000 free green miles when they buy a new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

It’s all part of our home energy plan for EV drivers, EV Everywhere, which includes 100% green energy and a free OVO Smart Charger or Polar Plus membership. 

So get behind the wheel of an Outlander PHEV, and you’ll not only be cutting your carbon footprint by charging with 100% renewable electricity, but you’ll also be saving money, improving air quality and cutting noise levels where you drive. 

Ready to go PHEV? 


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