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Introducing the

OVO Smart Charger


Available for OVO customers


Join us in creating an energy network of the future, with a charger that works to know when demand on the grid is low and electricity is more likely to be green.


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Get more from your EV

A smart charger is exactly what it says it is – smart. With a host of innovative features, you’ll discover a whole new side to your EV.

Help make the grid greener1

Using our intelligent algorithm, we can delay your EV’s charging to outside peak hours - when electricity is more likely to be renewable

Affordable install2

You could get up to £500 off the cost of the charger and installation

Fast charging3

Our charger has a maximum power output of 7kW meaning it can charge a 30kWh battery from empty to full in 4.3 hours.

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Note: We ask for your postcode, just to see if you live somewhere suitable for a Smart Charger. Rest assured, we won’t be using this data for analytics or customer profiling. For more information, please take a look at our Privacy Policy
Please see our privacy policy for further details. We’ll never sell any of your data or details to anyone. We may use your data to create reports or profiles for analytics and marketing purposes, and via online advertising tools such as ValueClick and Google Analytics. OVO group companies (including VCharge, CORGI HomeHeat and CORGI HomePlan) and OVO’s partners (such as Chargemaster and Nissan) may get in touch about other products or services they offer (including home batteries and boiler insurance), by email, phone or post. We may also contact you for up to a year after you have left us. You can change your preferences at any time in My OVO or the OVO app.




Terms and conditions

1  It charges when grid demand is low and electricity is more likely to have been produced by renewable sources

Subject to your Smart Charger's charging schedule, it will charge your vehicle battery from the grid when electricity is in low demand (and is cheaper) and of a lower carbon intensity.

Carbon intensity is a measure of the grammes of CO2 emitted in producing a kWh of electricity, and is usually lower for renewable or green sources of energy.

Low electricity prices occur when there is low demand on the grid relative to supply.

2 You could get up to £500 off the cost of the charger and installation

Our installers and charger are Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) accredited. This means, if you're eligible, you could get up to £500 off the cost of the charger and installation through the government's OLEV Electric Vehicle HomeCharge Scheme. See terms here:

3 Capable of charging more than twice as fast as a 3 pin plug

With a 7kW power output, OVO Smart Charger could charge a 30kWh battery in 4 hours, 20 minutes.A standard UK mains socket has a maximum power output of 3kW and would take 10 hours to charge a 30kWh vehicle battery (providing all other factors remained equal – including the temperature and state of the battery).

4 Saves you money by charging off-peak

If you’re on our economy 7 tariff, you can schedule your charging so your car only charges overnight on off-peak rates.

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