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All you need to know about the new generation of smart meters and the rollout

It’s a great time to get a smart meter. The government agrees, as they want all energy suppliers to install smart meters to British homes by 2024. And anything that encourages people to save energy is great with us.

For starters, we install them at no cost to you. And even better, we’re installing the new generation of smart meters, called SMETS2.

As well as the catchy name, a SMETS2 smart meter has all the same energy-saving features as the last generation meter, SMETS1. So you still won’t have to submit irritating meter readings.

But here’s the best bit. The SMETS2 smart meter are cross-compatible with other SMETS2-ready energy suppliers. So if you switch, you won’t need to have a meter exchange and you won’t lose your smart meter features.

And if that isn’t enough, having a smart meter can also unlock the benefits of the most innovative, upcoming household energy technology. Think home batteries. Electric vehicles.

Like we said. It’s a great time.

What does SMETS stand for?

SMETS stands for  ‘Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications’, which is pretty self-explanatory (and proof, if it were needed, that the government loves a good acronym).

SMETS2 meter features with OVO Energy

Smart meters have many benefits – and all of them designed to make your life easier.


If you need more help

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