Smart meters at OVO

At OVO we’ve already installed smart meters for over 100,000 customers. Here you will find out a bit more about smart at OVO. You can also find more about the government plans and all kinds of smart info at the Smart Energy GB website.

OVO gas smart meter

What are smart meters?


Smart meters are similar to standard electricity and gas meters. They do exactly the same job, but the smart part means that they ‘talk’ straight to us, so you don’t need to give us any meter readings. It makes sure we always have completely up-to-date figures for the amount of energy you’re using and you’ll always get totally accurate bills from us.


More importantly, the meters ‘talk’ to you, too – telling you how much energy you’re using and when. It’s a great way to spot patterns in how you use gas and electricity, where you could be using more than you need, and where you cut back to make savings.


Want to know more? Check out our smart meters section in OVO Answers.


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How do I get a smart meter?

We are in the process of deploying engineers across the UK and aim to get in touch with all of our customers when we have availability in your area

You can book online where there is availability or request a callback using the below links. Availability changes on a daily basis so if there are no slots showing right now you can keep the links to check back another time.

Already an OVO Customer?

Book Online:

- Pay As You Go customers

- Pay Monthly customers

If you'd rather speak to us to check availability and book your installation then you can request a call-back here.

Not an OVO Customer?

If you pay as you go for your energy:  
See what you could save and sign up
You will be able to book your installation while you sign up or we'll get in touch when our smart installation engineers are next in your area.

If you pay monthly for your energy:  
See what you could save and sign up
We'll get in touch when our smart installation engineers are next in your area.

What's so good about smart?

There are many advantages to having a smart meter

Use less, pay less

Your smart meter will give you access to data showing how much energy you're using in real time and how much it’s costing you. You can even look back at what you’ve used over the last day, month or year – which means you can compare it with what you’re using now and see where you could make changes to your energy use. This means  you’ll be able to set energy-saving targets, cut back and save money.

Smart from your sofa

Your smart meter lets you view information about the energy you've used in various ways, depending on how you pay for your OVO energy:

  • If you pay monthly by Direct Debit, you can ask for an In-Home Display

  • If you Pay As You Go and use Smart PAYG+, you can see the data on our online account, on our handy smartphone app, or in the display panel on your smart meter.

All these routes and devices can read the data from your smart meters, and they have great interactive displays that show you how much energy you’re using.

No more meter readings

As your meter talks to us, it tells us what energy you’re using. So you’ll never have to give us meter readings again. We won’t have to send people out to check your readings either, as the smart meter does it all.

Accurate statements

No more estimated statements. Since we’ll always know how much energy you’re using, we won’t ever have to guess – and that means accurate statements, every time. So you only ever pay for what you use. 

Easy pre-payment

If you're on one of our OVO Pay As You Go (PAYG) tariffs, smart meters make it much easier to pay for your energy.

If you’re on our Smart PAYG+ service you can top up whenever and wherever you like, using our OVO Energy app or My OVO. You can also use the app to check on your credit any time, anywhere, and top up remotely if you’re running low. 

You can also take your payment card to a PayPoint shop, when you make your payment, your smart meter tops up automatically – you don’t need to go home and put the card in the meter.

Already booked your smart meter installation?

To find out more about smart meter installation and how to prepare if you have already booked then follow the below links:

Preparing for your installation

How long will my install take?

More about smart meters


Want to know about your installation? Check out our install FAQ's in our smart meters section in OVO Answers

Our smart meter installation process

It couldn't be simpler to get a smart meter installed in your home. This is what happens

  1. Step 1

    We'll let you know when our engineers will be in your area

  2. Step 2

    You choose a convenient date and time for your appointment

  3. Step 3

    We send you a confirmation with all the details you need

  4. Step 4

    Our engineer will turn up at the agreed time and fit your meters

  5. Step 5

    You can start keeping an eye on your energy use and saving money

Once you’ve got your installation date, the main thing you need to do is make sure someone over the age of 18 is at your home to let our engineer in on the day.


Want to know more about installation? Check out our Install FAQ’s  in our smart meters section in OVO Answers

Smart meter installation Code of Practice

We’ve signed up to the Ofgem-approved Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP). You can view the latest version of the Code here


Want to know more? Check our smart meters section in OVO Answers


Learn more

Frequently asked questions 

We answer your questions about our smart energy meters.

Until now, people had to read their gas and electricity meters regularly and pass the readings on to their energy providers.

Not anymore with our OVO smart meter.

Once you have a smart meter, it sends us readings automatically via a mobile phone network, so you don’t have to do a thing. We’re leading the way with smart meters – in fact, we’ve already installed them for over 100,000 customers, free of charge.

Smart meters send us readings automatically, so your statements and bills will always be completely accurate and up-to-date.

When we install your meter, you can choose how often it sends us readings by setting your ‘data preference’. The default setting is once a day, but you can also choose once every half an hour or once a month. The more often your smart meter sends us readings, the more accurate your statements will be – so we suggest setting it half hourly.

At OVO, we’re big fans of using smart home technology to help you cut your energy bills. You can use your In-Home Display, your My OVO account or the OVO app to monitor and manage the amount of energy you’re using, check what it costs and see how much CO₂ you’re generating.

If you’re on a Pay As You Go tariff, you can also use our smart home devices to set up alerts and warnings to help you monitor or cap your energy use and credit.

If you’re not already an OVO customer, why not get a quote to see what you could save on your home energy bills. If you decide you want a smart meter in your home, it couldn’t be easier to switch to us.

Whether you currently pay monthly or PAYG, you may be able to book a smart meter installation straight away. If not, we’ll get in touch when our smart installation engineers are next in your area.

Switching to OVO is hassle free. All you have to do is:

  • Type in your postcode to get a quote.
  • Choose a plan.
  • Enter your details.

You’ll be on board with us in just 3-5 weeks.

There are a few reasons why we might not be able to install a smart meter in your property. Your type of metering system might be slightly different or your meter might be in the wrong place – for example, if your flat is on the top floor but the meter is in the basement.

Even if we can’t install one right now, technology is improving all the time so we’re hoping to develop a solution as soon as we can.

Our OVO engineers are currently making their way around different areas of the UK installing smart meters, so we might not have reached your area yet.

  • If you pay monthly for your energy, click here to see if we’re installing smart meters in your area.
  • If you Pay as You Go, click here to see if you can have a smart meter.

It depends on the age and type of your current meter and how it’s set up, but typically it takes around 45 minutes to one hour to install one of our smart meters. It might take a bit longer with older meters, as they can sometimes be tucked away and difficult to access, or they could have rusted up, so our engineers have to work harder to detach them from the wall.

Someone over the age of 18 needs to be in the house when our engineer arrives and throughout the installation. We advise you to switch off all your electrical appliances, including your television, oven and TV box, as we’ll need to switch off your electricity, and then your gas, for about 20 minutes each.

With an OVO smart meter, you can either pay monthly by Direct Debit or choose one of our Pay as You Go (PAYG) tariffs.

With PAYG, you can top up wherever and whenever you like by using our OVO Energy app, My OVO or simply by text. When you have a smart energy meter, you can check your credit at any time and top up remotely if you’re running low.

You can also take your payment card to a PayPoint shop for a top-up. Your smart meter tops up automatically when you make your payment, so you don’t even have to put your card into the meter. Find your nearest PayPoint by typing your postcode into their website.

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